C.A.V.E. Apocalypse

C.A.V.E. Apocalypse is an online game for the Atari 2600. It uses PlusROM functions to communicate with an internet server and load level data and game states. PlusROM functions are supported by Gopher2600, this Javatari fork, Stella (since version 6.6) and the PlusCart

Registerd users can create and edit their private levels here, and mange their connected devices (emulator, or PlusCart).
The public levels can be viewed here.

The game is programmed in batari Basic, but the PlusROM extensions of this batari Basic fork have to be used, see this AtariAge thread how to include the PlusROM extensions.

Technical Description

When starting a game or changing a room the room information is requested from the server and the state of the room left is send in the request to store it in the server side session.

Game Matrix

Game Nr.12345678
Public XXXX
Privat XXXX
Random XX XX
Hard X X X X

The public levels will send the scores to the PlusROM High Score Club

Known Issues and ToDo's

  • No Titlescreen music
  • No Game music and better sound effects



High Score Table: C.A.V.E. Apocalypse PlusROM High Score Club page
Github: https://github.com/Al-Nafuur/C.A.V.E-Apocalypse
Javatari: https://pluscart.firmaplus.de/javatari/index.html?ROM=../ROM/PlusROMs/C.A.V.E.%20Apocalypse/C.A.V.E.%20Apocalypse%20NTSC.bin
AtariAge thread: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/320289-cave-apocalypse-wip-new-batari-basic-game/


Various code examples from Random Terrain's awesome batari Basic webpage and various AtariAge threads are used in the code. Special thanks also to AtariAge user's vhzc for his title screen design, Skwrl63 for his awesome boxart and Karl G for his support with the text minikernel.

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